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About Cipick

Cipick was founded by J.st in 2021. Focus on all kinds of cosmetics. All products have product safety certification. Each product will undergo a rigorous testing process. Strict selection- Product safety certification-Skin test.

Cipick and you discover beauty together, be beautiful together.
If you feel unwell after using the product, please stop using it immediately and contact us.

About returns and replacements
100% refund is as follows:
1. After ordering, there is no arrangement for delivery within 72 hours.
2. The package is lost and confiscated by the customs.
3. Damaged, provide pictures of damaged products within 12 hours after delivery.
4. If the product causes an adverse reaction, a hospital certificate is required.

The return cost and/or indemnity may be charged to you after you return the item.
The refund may not be accepted in the following cases:
1. The item has been damaged by customer's fault. (except for only opened package)
2. The item value has been remarkably decreased due to the customer's usage/consumption.
3. The item value has been remarkably decreased due to the time-sensitive sale.
4. The item has been customized for specific buyer.
After-sales contact:

About shipping

Global Normal shipping 9-25days: US$ 1.9
Global express 5-14days: US$ 29.9
Free shipping for all orders over: US$ 39.00
2 PCS with 10% OFF – Discount code is C10
3 PCS with 15% OFF – Discount code is C15
4 PCS or more with 20% OFF - Discount code is C20

About Cipick supporter program

We sincerely invite you to join in Cipick supporter program, please provide the following information and send it to:jstglobal@163.com
1. Name, gender, occupation, language, country and region;
2. Social ID and link;
3. Are you looking forward to short-term work or long-term work?


Thank you for your attention. For global wholesale and brand cooperation, please contact: jstglobal@163.com

We are looking for more high-quality products. If your manufacturer or have new products, please contact: jstglobal@163.com
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